Before you get a tattoo there are a few things you should do to ensure you have the easiest experience.

  • Make sure you get a good nights rest.

  • Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before your appointment. 

  • Have a decent meal within two hours before getting tattooed. 

  • For your comfort please shower before your appointment.

  • Wear suitable clothing, tattoo ink stains so we recommend you don't wear your best clothes! 

  • You are welcome to bring one friend with you to your appointment if you wish.

How should i prepare for my tattoo?

A deposit must be left to secure your tattoo appointment. This can be done either by popping into the studio or by bank transfer. (Please email for bank details). No design work will be done until a deposit is left. Deposits are nonrefundable and can be held for up to six months. If you need to change the time or date of your appointment you must give us at least 48 hours notice or your deposit will be lost. The value of your deposit will come off the final cost of your tattoo once it is completed.

DO I nEED to leave a deposit?

We do not recommend hand tattoos, but we can do them as long as you are aware of the risks. 

  • Firstly, please google "healed hand tattoos" to get an idea of what they can look like. Often the images of hand tattoos we see online are fresh so look very bold and bright, it is very likely they will not look the same way healed.

  • Hands are a part of our body that is always exposed and being weathered e.g. going in and out of pockets, bags, clothing; hand washing; washing up etc. This makes it very hard for the tattoo to heal properly.

  • The skin cells on hands regenerate faster than the rest of the body, making it difficult for the ink to properly settle into the skin.

  • Due to the high probability of these tattoos fading we do not offer free touch ups on hand tattoos, so please be aware if the tattoo does require a touch up you will have to pay to have the tattoo done again.

DO you tattoo hands?

We offer a free touch up service on all of our tattoos except hands, feet, faces and necks. If once your tattoo is healed there are little bits you feel haven't healed as well as the rest, please come back and see us as soon as possible. As long as you come back and see us within two months of having your tattoo done we are happy to touch it up for free. 

do you do TOUCH UPS?

Please see the AFTERCARE page for an in-depth explanation of how to correctly look after your tattoo.

How do i look after my tattoo?

We no longer do piercings at Tattoo Crew. We recommend Purple in central Kingston for all your jewellery and piercing needs. You can find them at:


37 Wheatfield Way, KT1 2NU

0208 5461 733

Do you do piercings?